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The current summer collegiate version of the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Club is the successor to one of the most prestigious youth development programs in Canada. Numerous Dawgs’ players have been selected in the amateur draft of Major League Baseball, earned scholarships to NCAA Division 1 or top NAIA universities, and top ranked junior colleges. The following is a list of some of the players who have donned the uniform of the Dawgs and have moved on to the next level.


Dawgs College Placement

Eric Hartman2025NCAA D1University of Michigan
Robert Scalzo2025NCAA D1University of Utah
Declan Spooner2025NCAA D1St. John's University
Landon Kauffman2025NCAA D1University of Portland
Tim Piasentin2025NCAA D1University of Miami
Will Labonte2025NCAA D1Arizona State University
Eric Machej2024NCAA D1Illinois State University
Zack Bedard2024NJCAAMesa Community College
Jerome Pare2024NJCAACentral Arizona College
Benito Bonilla2024NCAA D1Missouri State University
Tyler Hummel2024NJCAALSU-Eunice
Brandon Paez2024NCAA D1University of Utah
Leo Griffin2024NJCAAHutchinson Community College
Michael Yusypchuk2024NCAA D1Missouri State University
Turner Zdunich2024NJCAAColby Community College
Trey Nott2024NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Mitchell Heinrich2024NJCAAPanola College
Trey Mackwood2024NJCAAPanola College
Leo Cote2024NCAA D1Oregon State University
Mitch Sambirsky2023NJCAANortheastern Junior College
Nate Charlton2023NWACMt. Hood Community College
Louis-Felix Anderson2023NJCAAHoward College
Jet Uszacki2023NWACMt. Hood Community College
Brandon LeBlanc2023NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Alex Dionne2023NJCAAHoward College
Adam Beamin2023NJCAACentral Arizona College
Rowan Robinson2023NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Jacob Wrubleski2023NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Hunter Jobs2023CCCAASaddleback College
Carson Hindmarsh2023NCAA D1University of Tennessee
Mac Galvin2023NWACSkagit Valley Community College
Jose Nunez2023NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Jackson Sherren2023NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Ned Ceklic2023NAIADakota State University
Ben Soke2023NCAA D1North Dakota State University
Jimmy Dionne2023NJCAAHoward College
Martin Ding2022NCAANorthern Kentucky University
Olivier Vallee2022NJCAAColby Community College
Jacob Gillis2022NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Matt Grabmann2022NCAA D1University of Oregon
Ryder Hancock2022NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Boston Warkentin2022NCAA D1University of Washington
Nick Hagen2022CCCAAAntelope Valley College
Andrew Johnston2022NCAA D1San Jose State University
Kobe Laevens2022NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Hank Griffin2022NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Russell Mattson2022NAIACampbellsville University
Logan Rumberg2022NCAA D1George Mason University
Max Hartman2022NCAA D1Washington State University
Ben Swennumson2022NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Conor Pote2022NWACLinn-Benton Community College
Connor Wong2022NJCAASouth Suburban College
Tyrelle Chadwick2022NCAA D1Illinois State University
Connor Makarus2022NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Ben Hoshizaki2022NJCAAChandler-Gilbert Community College
Calder Eagleton2021NJCAABismarck State College
Kaden Zarowny2021NJCAA; NAIACrowder College; University of British Columbia
Brody Forno2021NJCAA; NAIAWilliston State College; Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Alejandro Cazorla2021NJCAA; NCAA D1Bossier Parish Community College; University of Dayton
Nash Crowell2021NJCAA; NAIABismarck State College; Reinhardt University
Connor Crowson2021NJCAA; NCAA D2Bossier-Parish Community College; University of Montevallo
Davis Fenske2021NJCAAPratt Community College
Dryden Howse2021NJCAABarton College
Gabe Simon2021NJCAAWilliston State College
Seth Thompson2021NJCAA; NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; North Dakota State University
Cody Hendriks2021NCAA D1Cal State University- Bakersfield
Andrew Yusypchuk2021NJCAA; NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Southern Illinois University
Bennett Freiter2021NCAA D1North Dakota State University
Andrew Franson2021NJCAAWilliston State College
Simon Lusignan2021NCAA D1Stetson University
Tyson Kemp2021NAIASiena Heights University
Davis Jack2021CCBCUniversity of Victoria
Matt Wilkinson2021NJCAA; NCAA D1Central Arizona College; Arizona State University
Ty Johnson2021NJCAA; NCAA D1Central Arizona College; Bradley University
Carter Spinks2021CCBCOkanagan College
Derek Palmiere2020NJCAA; NAIAWilliston State College; Mayville State University
Logan Grant2020NJCAA; NAIABismarck State College; Bellevue University
Jackson Fraser2020NJCAA; NCAA D1LSU-Eunice; Northern Kentucky University
Justin Breen2020NJCAA; NCAA D2Bossier-Parish Community; Arkansas Tech University
Ricardo Sanchez2020NJCAA; NCAA D1Barton Community College; Lamar University
Fernando Fuentes2020CCBCThompson Rivers University
Devon Moore2020CCBCOkanagan College
Brandon Green2020NJCAA; CCBCState Fair Community College; University of Victoria
Jean-Luc Bussieres2020NJCAABarton Community College
Blake Pongracz2020NJCAAPratt Community College
Thomas Bakoway2020NAIASiena Heights University
Chase Tucker2020NCAA D2Salem International University
Aiden Rose2020NAIAUniversity of British Columbia
Daegen Morcom2020NJCAAMcCook Community College
Koby Brander2019CCBCOkanagan College
Bailey Coish2019NJCAAFrank Phillips College
Jordan Lussier2019NJCAA. NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Illinois State University
Melvin Lorenzo2019NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Matt Dobberthien2019NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Colorado School of Mines
Kale Seitz2019NWAC; NAIABellevue College; Campbellsville University
Micah McDowell2019NCAA D1Oregon State University
Quinn Tocheniuk2019NJCAA; NCAA D2Pratt Community College; Rogers State University
Kobe Fredland2019NJCAA; NAIAWilliston State College; Campbellsville University
Kade Kahlert2019CCBCPraire Baseball Academy
Kendall Keller2019NJCAA; NCAA D2Barton Community College; University of Mary
Cesar Valero2019NCAA D1; NCAA D1Oregon State University; Sacramento State University
Nicolas Tremblay2019NJCAA; NCAA D2Crowder College; Henderson State University
Chris Thomson2019CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Ayden Makarus2019NJCAABossier Parish Community College
Branden Woods2019NAIAUniversity of British Columbia
Roch LaFerriere2019NAIADakota State University
Ryan McFarland2019NJCAA; NAIAPratt Community College; Campbellsville University
LaRon Smith2018NCAA D1University of Alabama
Kirklon White2018CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Bryce Libke2018NJCAACrowder College
Graham Brunner2018NJCAA, NCAA D1Barton Community College; Illinois State University
Aaron Peach2018NJCAAGarden City Community College
Scott Waterman2018NJCAAGarden City Community College
Jayden Wakeham2018NCAA D1Northern Kentucky University
Tucker Zdunich2018NJCAA; NAIAColby Community College; Reinhardt University
Jack Marlin2018NJCAA; NAIAWabash Valley College; Midway University
Ryan Olchoway2018NJCAA; NCAA D1Colby Community College, Northwestern State University
Gavin Logan2018NJCAA, NWAC, NCAA D1Southeastern Community College, Linn-Benton Community College, Oregon State University
Ethan Francis2018NJCAA; NCAA D1Colby Community College, Northwestern State University
Noah Geekie2018NJCAA; NCAA D2Barton Community College, Emporia State University
Cole Tucker2018NJCAA; NCAA D1Southeastern Community College; Niagara University
Tyler McWillie2018NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Shorter University
Kye Seitz2018NWAC; NAIABellevue Community College; Campbellsville University
Tristan Peters2018NJCAA; NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Southern Illinois University
Brendan Logan2018NAIAUniversity of British Columbia
Noah Penney2018NCAA D2Tiffin University
Noah Matsubara2018NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Mitch Dennis2018NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Aidan Orsted2018NWACDouglas College
Nick Levinski2018CanadaUniversity of Waterloo
Ben Tighe2017NJCAA; NAIAWilliston State College; College of Idaho
Soren Graversen2017NJCAA; NAIAIndian Hills Community College; William Penn University
Nathan Doleman2017NJCAAEllsworth Community College
Michael Clapperton2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Chandler-Gilbert Community College; University of Texas- Permian Basin
Logan Cameron2017CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Jacob Bouzide2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Fort Hayes State University
Will Undershute2017NJCAA; NAIASoutheastern Community College; University of British Columbia
Brett Platts2017NJCAASoutheastern Community College
Greg Student2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Mesa Community College; Benedictine University- Mesa
Clayton Keyes2017NJCAA; NAIACentral Arizona College; Southeastern University
Tate Morrell2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Missouri University of Science and Technology
Ryan Morgan2017NJCAAColby Community College
Tanner Bercier2017NJCAA; NCAA D2; NAIAFrank Phillips College; San Angelo State University; University of Science & Arts (Oklahoma)
Shaun Atamanchuk2017NJCAA; NAIAColby Community College; University of Antelope Valley
Andrew Asselin2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Shorter University
Daniel Donnelly2017NJCAA; NCAA D2Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Tiffin University
Parker Maxwell2016NJCAA; NCAA D2Williston State College; Salem University
Justin King2016NJCAA; NCAA D1; NCAA D1Indian Hills Community College; University of Alabama; University of Louisiana-Monroe
Craig Spencer2016NCAA D3MacMurray College
Dayne Fredland2016NJCAA; NAIAWilliston State College; Mayville State University
Aaron Bender2016CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Peter Hutzal2016NJCAA; NCAA D1Iowa Western Community College; Marshall University
Ryan Humeniuk2016NJCAA; NCAA D1Indian Hills Community College; University of Louisiana- Monroe
Brett Esau2016NJCAA; NCAA D1; NCAA D2Frank Phillips College; University of Houston; Saint Leo University
Zach Demchenko2016NJCAA; NAIANortheastern Junior College; Friends University
Luke Lepine2016NJCAANortheastern Junior College
Quentin Kopjar2016NJCAAPratt Community College
Ethan Jarvis2016NJCAA; NCAA D2Williston State College; Salem University
Ryan Moroz2016NCAA D2Minot State University
Ashton Roy2016NJCAA; NCAA D2; NCAA D1Pratt Community College; New Mexico Highlands University; Morehead State University
Jared Spearing2016NJCAA; NAIAIndian Hills Community College; University of British Columbia
Ben Thompson2016NJCAA; NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Tulane University
Nathan Tovell2016NCAA D3Elmhurst College
Phil Whelan2016CCBCVancouver Island University
Cole MacLaren2015NJCAA; NCAA D1Colby Community College; University of Pittsburgh
Nik Cardinal2015CCCAA; NCAA D1Allan Hancock College; Fresno State University
Garrett Kirkwood2015NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Columbus State University
Drake Kirkwood2015NJCAA; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Columbus State University
Nick Vickers2015NJCAA; NCAA D1; NCAA D2Colby Community College; Virginia Tech University; University of Central Oklahoma
Alejo Lopez2015NCAA D1Arizona State University
Chase Dreger2015NJCAA; NAIAColby Community College; Southeastern University
Dallas Forno2015NAIATabor College
Graeme Cherry2015NJCAA; NCAA D2Northeastern Junior College; University of Minnesota - Crookston
Russell Strilchuk2015NJCAA; NAIANortheastern Junior College; William Wood University
Ryley Overacker2015NAIASiena Heights University
Riley Rowland2015NJCAAWilliston State College
JT Patterson2015NJCAA; NAIANortheastern Junior College; Bellevue University
Marshall Burgess2015NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Brendan Baker2015NAIASiena Heights University
Jordan Smith2015CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Rylie Guntrip2014NAIASiena Heights University
Erik Junola2014CCBCUniversity of British Columbia- Okanagan
Jayde Johnson2014CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Ryan Prockiw2014CCBCUniversity of British Columbia- Okanagan
Eduardo Sanchez2014NJCAA; NCAA D1Northeastern Junior College; University of Central Arkansas
Yuan Liu2014NJCAA; NAIANortheastern Junior College; Arizona Christian University
Matt Lloyd2014NJCAA; NCAA D1Iowa Western Community College; Indiana University
Carter Olive2014CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Carson Wlad2014NAIASiena Heights University
Dane Tofteland2014NCAA D1Indiana State University
Doug Clapperton2013NJCAA; NCAA D2Chandler-Gilbert Community College/ University of Texas - Permian Basin
Aaron Ethier2013CCBCThompson Rivers University
Brian Granton2013NJCAA; NAIAColby Community College; William Wood University
Jake Shaw2013NCAA D1; NCAA D2Northern Kentucky University; University of Indianapolis
Josh Hillis2013CCBCThompson Rivers University
Layne Curry2013CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Cole Slamko2013NCAA D3Spalding University
CJ Lewington2013NJCAA; NCAA D1Southeastern Illinois College; University of Arkansas- Pine Bluff
Eric Swanson2013NCAA D3Spalding University
Roberto Valdez2013CCBCThompson Rivers University
Wylie Cunningham2012NJCAASalt Lake City Community College
Eric Kahl2012NWACDouglas College
Brayden Munro2012CCBCUniversity of British Columbia- Okanagan
Blake Patterson2012NCAA D3Spalding University
Brendan Rose2012NAIAUniversity of British Columbia
Kurtis Taylor2012NWACSkagit Valley Community College
Chris Shaw2012NJCAA; NCAA D1Midland College; Oklahoma University
Dakota Upton2012CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Ramon Valdez2012NJCAA; NCAA D2Parkland College; Berry University
Jared Frew2012CCBCUniversity of British Columbia- Okanagan
Billy Clapperton2011NJCAA' NAIAGateway Community College; Bellevue University
Adam Clark2011NJCAA; NAIAMesa Community College; Oklahoma City University
Brendan Ethier2011NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Jeremie Fagnan2011NJCAA; NCAA D1Midland College; Texas Christian University
Eric Evans2011NAIAUniversity of Jamestown
Jordan Procyshen2011NJCAA; NCAA D1/ MILBNortheastern JC; Northern Kentucky University/ Boston Red Sox
Shawn Andersen2011NWACDouglas College
James Stewart2011NAIAUniversity of British Columbia
Danny Mackinnon2010NJCAAMcCook Community College
Matt Cowitz2010CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Alex Regan2010CCBC; NCAA D2Prairie Baseball Academy; University of Mount Olive
Brendan Reid2010NJCAA; CCBCMesa Community College; Thompson Rivers University
Adam Romaniuk2010CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Tyler Hollick2010NJCAA; NCAA D1Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Ohio State University (signee)
Cody Dillabough2010NCAA D1University of Pennsylvania
Justin Lee2010NJCAA; NCAA D2Midland College; Texas A&M Kingsville
Bretton Gouthro2010CCBC; NCAA D2Prairie Baseball Academy; University of Mount Olive
Luke Frankiw2010NCAA D3Haverford College
Thomas Hanley2010CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Chris Van Keulen2009CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Ryan Van Keulen2009CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Dan Gleason2009CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Brody Irwin2009CCBCPrairie Baseball Academy
Chris Boudier2008CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Zac Amy2008CCCAAOrange Coast Community College
Braydon Regier2008NWACDouglas College
Rylin Chin2008NWAC; NAIADouglas College; Campbellsville University
Jim Henderson1997-2004NJCAA; NAIAMidland College; Tennessee Wesleyan University
Todd Kocon1997-2004NAIACardinal Stritch University
Greg Rice1997-2004NJCAAMidland College
Vincent Ircandia1997-2004NCAA D1Niagara University
Andrew MacNiven1997-2004NCAA D1Niagara University
Jeff Werhun1997-2004NCAA D1University of California- Irvine
James Avery1997-2004NCAA D1Niagara University
John Hurd1997-2004NJCAACollege of Southern Idaho
Thomas Gayef1997-2004CCBCUniversity of Calgary
Justin Cardinal1997-2004NJCAAMesa Community College
Will Gardiner1997-2004CCBC; NAIAPrairie Baseball Academy; Eastern Oregon University
Travis Drader1997-2004NCAA D1University of Louisiana- Monroe
Taylor Law1997-2004CCBC; NAIAPrairie Baseball Academy; Concordia University

Dawgs Selected in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft

Dawgs Selected in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft

Alejo LopezINFCincinnati Reds
Aric Van GaalenLHPToronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners
Ben ThompsonRHPAtlanta Braves
Chris ShawCSt. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles
Clayton KeyesOFToronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks
Cole MacLarenCDetroit Tigers
Daniel Devonshire1BToronto Blue Jays
David ParkerRHPLos Angeles Dodgers
Emerson FrostadCTexas Rangers
Gavin LoganCArizona Diamondbacks
James AveryRHPMinnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds
Jeff MacDonaldRHPColorado Rockies
Jim HendersonRHPMontreal Expos
John HurdRHPChicago White Sox
Jordan ProcyshenCBoston Red Sox
LaRon SmithCMinnesota Twins
Matt IrcandiaLHPSan Francisco Giants
Matt LloydOFCincinnati Reds
Matt WilkinsonLHPCleveland Guardians
Tanner OsbergRHPNew York Mets
Tristan PetersOFMilwaukee Brewers
Tyler HollickOFSan Francisco Giants

Dawgs Selected to Team Canada

PlayerPositionHome Town
Andrew MacNivenINFSummerside, PEI
Aric Van GaalenLHPEdmonton, AB
Ayden MakarusC, OFAirdrie, AB
Ben SokeRHPNew Maryland, NB
Benito BonillaINF, OF, RHPHalifax, NS
Boston WarkentinRHPDelta, BC
Cameron McLeodINFCalgary, AB
Carson HindmarshLHPSaskatoon, SK
Cesar ValeroINFCalgary, AB
Chris ShawCWinnipeg, MB
Clayton KeyesOFCalgary, AB
Emerson FrostadCCalgary, AB
Eric HartmanINF, OFSt. Albert, AB
Jake ShawRHPCharlottetown, PEI
James AveryRHPSaskatoon, SK
Jeff MacDonaldRHPLethbridge, AB
Jim HendersonRHPCalgary, AB
Jimmy Dionne1B, LHP, OFMontreal, QC
Jordan ProcyshenCCalgary, AB
Kendall KellerOFPilot Butte, SK
LaRon SmithCSpruce Grove, AB
Leo CoteINF, RHPBoucherville, QC
Matt GrabmannRHPDartmouth, NS
Matt IrcandiaLHPCalgary, AB
Matt LloydOFOkotoks, AB
Max HartmanOFSt. Albert, AB
Micah McDowellOFHalifax, NS
Michael YusypchukRHPSt. Albert, AB
Nick VickersLHPCalgary, AB
Nicolas TremblayOFMontreal, QC
Peter HutzalINFCalgary, AB
Simon LusignanRHPMontreal, QC
Soren Graversen1BCalgary, AB
Tanner OsbergRHPRed Deer, AB
Tim PiasentinINFCoquitlam, BC
Tyler McWillieINF, RHPWatrous, SK
Vincent IrcandiaINFCalgary, AB
Will LabonteRHPMontreal, QC
Will UndershuteLHPOkotoks, AB
Wylie CunninghamLHPRed Deer, AB

Dawgs Selected to T12

PlayerPositionHome Town
Aaron PeachLHPSt. Johns, NL
Alejandro CazorlaOFOkotoks, AB
Alex DionneRHPQuebec City, QC
Andrew AsselinRHPWinnipeg, MB
Andrew JohnstonCToronto, ON
Andrew YusypchukRHPSt. Albert, AB
Ayden MakarusC, OFAirdrie, AB
Ben SokeRHPNew Maryland, NB
Benito BonillaINF, OF, RHPHalifax, NS
Bennett FreiterCWinnipeg, MB
Blake PongraczLHP, OFSaskatoon, SK
Branden WoodsLHPRed Deer, AB
Brandon PaezINFMontreal, QC
Brendan LoganINF, RHPOyen, AB
Brett EsauINFMeadow Lake, SK
Brett PlattsINFCharlottetown, PEI
Bryce LibkeRHPSaskatoon, SK
Cesar ValeroINFCalgary, AB
Clayton KeyesOFCalgary, AB
Cole MacLarenCMorrell, PEI
Cole TuckerINF, OFMt Pearl, NL
Connor CrowsonINFOkotoks, AB
Conor PoteINF, RHPOkotoks, AB
Daegen MorcomOF, RHPWinnipeg, MB
Dryden HowseINF, RHPOkotoks, AB
Eric HartmanINF, OFSt. Albert, AB
Eric MachejINF, RHPOkotoks, AB
Ethan FrancisRHPSummerside, PEI
Ethan MorrisLHPSudbury, ON
Gavin LoganCOyen, AB
Graham BrunnerLHPSherwood Park, AB
Greg StudentOFGrand Prairie, AB
Jack MarlinOFOkotoks, AB
Jackson FraserRHPSwift Current, SK
Jacob BouzideCalgary, AB
Jared SpearingLHPWinnipeg, MB
Jayden WakehamCVictoria, BC
Jean-Luc BussieresCEdmonton, AB
Jerome PareRHPMontreal, QC
Jimmy Dionne1B, LHP, OFMontreal, QC
Jordan LussierINF, RHPWinnipeg, MB
Justin BreenINFFort McMurray, AB
Justin KingOFOkotoks, AB
Kendall KellerOFPilot Butte, SK
Kye Seitz1BOkotoks, AB
LaRon SmithCSpruce Grove, AB
Landon KauffmanLHP, OFVancouver, BC
Leo CoteINF, RHPBoucherville, QC
Luke LepineCCalgary, AB
Marshall BurgessOF, RHPWinnipeg, MB
Martin DingRHPCalgary, AB
Matt LloydOFOkotoks, AB
Matt WilkinsonLHPWhite Rock, BC
Max HartmanOFSt. Albert, AB
Max PoirierRHPNanaimo, BC
Micah McDowellOFHalifax, NS
Michael YusypchukRHPSt. Albert, AB
Nick VickersLHPCalgary, AB
Nicolas TremblayOFMontreal, QC
Nik CardinalRHPBonneyville, AB
Noah GeekieHead CoachStrathclair, MB
Noah MatsubaraOFOkotoks, AB
Peter HutzalINFCalgary, AB
Quentin KopjarLHPMorrin, AB
Ricardo SanchezINF, RHPMexico City, Mexico
Robert ScalzoRHPVictoria, BC
Ryan HumeniukStonewall, MB
Ryan MorganLHPSt. John's, NL
Ryan OlchowayINF, RHPSaskatoon, SK
Shaun AtamanchukRHPBeaumont, AB
Simon LusignanRHPMontreal, QC
Soren Graversen1BCalgary, AB
Tanner BercierRHPWinnipeg, MB
Tim PiasentinINFCoquitlam, BC
Tristan PetersINF, OFWinkler, MB
Tucker ZdunichOFOkotoks, AB
Ty JohnsonOFCalgary, AB
Tyler McWillieINF, RHPWatrous, SK
Tyrelle ChadwickOF, RHPKamloops, BC
Will LabonteRHPMontreal, QC
Will UndershuteLHPOkotoks, AB
Zach DemchenkoRHPSaskatoon, SK